Louis Vuitton Outlet I'm so excited you got the Trevi! I was actually going to recommend it last night, but then I didn't because you were concerned about the bag being heavy and the Trevi is on the heavy side. It shouldn't bother you with the shoulder strap though. Great choice, enoy it!!

 Congrats and its bright yellow sure liven your rainy days Louis Vuitton Speedy 

LV Monogram I love both!! congrats!!


LV Purses I like the Stam, it's a little more unique. Speedys are sooooo common (but for a good reason) :)

LV Luggage Congrats! I love all the pink LVs! I have this same bag in the white MM size!

Congrats! Louis Vuitton Shop


Pretty, congrats. Louis Vuitton Purses

Louis Vuitton Keepall congrats!!! but trust me my lady your being banneds will not fall through!! coz you will keep on buying and wanting for more .LOL!!!